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Begging and pleading.

So it's the holidays; I have multiple books due, and I'm blocking out my time for 2013 in regards to conventions, short story commitments, and taking time to breathe; my cats still need to be snuggled occasionally so that they'll keep letting me get out of bed. So I am offering this fervent plea to the universe:

Please, please, before you ask me questions, either here or via my website contact form, go to my website ( and check the Bibliography and/or FAQ pages.

Need to know when something is being published, if something is being published in the next few months, or whether something has already been published? There's a Bibliography for that ( It's updated with works up for four months out.

Have a question about a possible typo or error, or where I'm going to be, or who Jane is in "Wicked Girls"? There are multiple FAQs, specializing in different types of question. Please check to see whether I have already provided an answer before asking.

I love talking to people, I love answering comments, but when I've already answered the same question thirty times, I just get frustrated and tired.

Tags: common questions, shameless plea
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