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Hold my hand, oh baby it's a long way down... the bottom of the river.

December! It is December! It is December 4th, which means we're exactly one month away from my birthday trip to Disneyland SHUT UP DISNEY MAKES EVERYTHING OKAY. And I've needed a lot of okay this winter.

This is the current shape of my 2012/2013, with travel dates and everything. Beautiful travel dates. Hope to see you sometime in the months to come.


"Rat-Catcher," December 2012.

"Laughter at the Academy: A Study in the Development of Schizotypal Creative Genius Personality Disorder (SCGPD)," February 2013.
"Emeralds to Emeralds, Dust to Dust," February 2013.
Midnight Blue-Light Special, March 2013.
"Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea," July 2013.
Velveteen vs. The Multi-verse, August 2013.
Chimes at Midnight, September 2013.
"Train Yard Blues," October 2013.

Parasite, unknown.
"A Dry Death," unknown.


Vericon, March 22-24, Boston MA.
JordanCon, April 19-21, Roswell GA.
Disney World, May 17-23, Orlando FL.
OASIS, May 24-26, Orlando FL.
Musecon, August 2-4, Itasca IL.
Lone Star Con (Worldcon 2013), August 28-September 2, San Antonio, TX.
SFContario, November 29-December 1, Toronto Canada.

No fixed deadline/being written/unsold:

"Bad Dream Girl"
"Carry Me Home"
"These Antique Fables"
"Pixie Season"
"Velveteen vs. The Robot Armies of Dr. Walter Creelman, DDS"
"Velveteen vs. The Fright Night Sorority House Massacre Sleepover Camp"
"Velveteen vs. Vegas" (extended remix)
"Velveteen Presents Victory Anna vs. The Difficulty With Pan-Dimensional Courtships"
"Velveteen Presents Jackie Frost vs. Four Conversations and a Funeral"
"The Happiest Place..."
"Frontier ABCs: The Life and Times of Charity Smith, Schoolteacher"
"Loch and Key"
Half-Off Ragnarok
"How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea"

...just looking at that makes me tired.

I need a nap.
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