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Review roundup for a gloomy Monday.

It's...kind of bad around here right now, guys. As in "the links are taking over." So here are some reviews from the files, as I struggle to conquer Link Mountain before it develops a healthy ski industry.

Geek Girls Rule has posted a review of Deadline, and says, "I cannot stress this enough, if you like fast-paced, gripping psychological fiction with a horror bent, do yourself a favor and pick up these books. Right now, after reading the ending, I'm unsure whether I want to punch Ms. Grant/McGuire or kiss her or shake her hand." When I inspire the threat of punching, I know I'm doing it right.

One More Page has posted a review of Deadline, and says, "Deadline by Mira Grant definitely exceeded all my expectations. I love it when a book does that. Even if I have to wait for a whole year for the conclusion of this wonderfully terrifying, expletive-inducing trilogy, I have a good feeling the third book will shoot straight up the ceiling with its awesomeness." Look, I said that these were older reviews...

The Outhousers have posted a review of Deadline, and say, "I would highly recommend this book not only to fans of Urban Fantasy or zombie novels, but to anyone looking for a good series to read. Mira Grant is the pseudonym for author Seanan McGuire, so fans of hers should jump on this series as well. It's out now in paperback." I love it when Mira's fans remember me.

Aliverse has posted a review of Feed and Deadline, and says, "These are two action-packed zombie novels with heart and intelligence. More importantly, they are well-written and have characters you fall in love with. You will care about them. You will root for them. You will cry for them. (seriously, not hyperbole)" I know I cried, so hey, it doesn't read like hyperbole to me!

Necroscope, the Australian Zombie Review Blog, has posted a review of Deadline, and says, "I'm not going to ask you to go out and buy a copy of Deadline. I'm telling you. Do it, and do it now. And pick up a copy of Feed also, if by some miracle you've not done so already. This is not negotiable." Okay, I like this reviewer.

And that's it for right now. Look for a Toby-centric review roundup, coming soon.
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