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Photo sale! For the holidays! (Not mine.)

My darling Ryan is trying to get started as a professional photographer, and he's good. You can see his photo blog here, for examples of his work:

Right now, he's partnering with A Rising Tide to sell his first prints. To quote Ryan directly, "I currently have four prints available for purchase and all are printed on high gloss archival-quality Hahnemuehle Satin paper that will maintain its integrity for years to come." So that's what's what! Here's the info on his currently available material:

Blue Moon.

16x11 for $79.00
32x22 for $149.00

Suzalo Library.

15x22 for $79.00
30x44 for $149.00

It's Full of Sparks.

10x15 for $99.00
15x20 for $149.00
30x40 for $229.00


10x15 for $99.00
15x20 for $149.00
20x30 for $229.00

They're spendy, but also a) gorgeous, and b) huge. So if you're looking for holiday gifts for the art-lover in your life, take a look!

ETA: A message from the proprietor of A Rising Tide:

Hi guys.

I'm Tim, the proprietor of To thank you guys for all the page hits, I'd like to offer 15% discount. The discount code is: friendsofseanan and will be active until the end of November.

Thanks so much for looking at these beautiful pieces.

So that's pretty spiffy!
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