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Derby girls unite!

I'm working on an InCryptid-universe novella called "Bad Dream Girl," about Antimony and roller derby. And I need derby names!

So here's your chance. Suggest your best, wildest roller derby names, following these simple rules. The best derby names will appear in the story, giving you bragging rights. The rules:

1. Avoid profanity.
2. Sexual and violent innuendo is cool, "kill them all" is not.
3. Do not intentionally use the name of an existing derby girl.

I'm looking for terrible puns and bad jokes in name form. There is a database of roller derby names; I'm not using it both because it's extensive enough to have become extremely tortured, and because I'd like some believable variety. So come on. Help a girl out, and take to the track with Antimony and her team.

Game on!
Tags: incryptid, party games, requesting things, roller derby
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