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LitCrawl this Saturday!

This coming Saturday is the LitQuake LitCrawl, part of an awesome eight-day event celebrating the wonderful world of books! And, if you're part of the LitCrawl, booze.

LitCrawl has been crawling across the country this month, and arrives in San Francisco to celebrate the end of the LitQuake, arriving in the Mission District and commencing the literary havoc. And now, it has crawled to San Francisco.

I will be reading at Borderlands Books, as part of the Pulp-y Fiction event. This is a component of LitCrawl Phase 2, and should be totally awesome. I'm reading with Cassie Alexander, S.G. Brown, and Seth Harwood. Join us for havoc.

Like, seriously, havoc. We may degenerate into name calling and biting. Lines will be drawn, things will be said, and soda will. Be. Spilled. The event starts at 7:15; I recommend being early if you want to sit down.

See you there!
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