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Review roundups are love. Like zombies.

The battle to reclaim my link file rages on! Today, some Feed reviews.

Lady Business has some thoughts on the treatment of female characters in Feed. They assume you have some idea of what happens in the book, but they're really interesting, and they reflect some of the issues that I, personally, had with the narrative when it was done. I don't regret any of the characters I chose to include. I sometimes wish I'd handled the non-central females a little better. This is a great exploration/review.

The Monitor has posted a review of Feed, and says, "Feed was a mesmerizing read." Works for me.

Working for the MANdroid has posted a review of Feed, and says, "Feed is an awesome and unusual zombie book, and it actually has a great conclusion that feels like the story is completely wrapped up." Awesome.

.Xpresso Reads has posted a review of Feed, and says, "The very first thing I noticed going into this book was the exquisiteness of the writing. The narration being notably mature and quick-witted makes it an exceptionally smart novel that is just a breath of fresh air." I like it when people think I'm smart!

Inspired Quill has posted a review of Feed, and says, "Even if you aren't a fan of zombies, this is one zombie book that you shouldn't run from." I won't lie: I kinda want this on a T-shirt.

Charles Tan has posted a review of Feed, and says, " I once read a blog entry stating that Neil Gaiman's Sandman was porn for lit majors while Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan was porn for journalists. If that's the case, then Feed is porn for bloggers." know what?

That works for me.
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