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Words: 2,208.
Total words: 63,005.
Reason for stopping: chapter fifteen is done, so I'm going to work on something else.
The cats: Alice, spare room floor; Thomas, kitchen sink; Lilly, parts unknown.
Music: random shuffle.

I could keep going, to be entirely honest: I know what the shape of the next chapter is, and I could push my way into it. But I wouldn't finish another chapter tonight, and I'd rather send this out to the Machete Squad now, while there's time for them to do something about it, than force my way onward and maybe not get them a draft until the weekend. So you see, I can be taught.

(Besides, the other thing I'm working on right now is potentially my "here, have a new book" reward, and that means I'm on a bit of a self-imposed deadline to get it wrapped up.)

I am really crazy-happy with how things are shaping up. I have the normal contradictions and conundrums of a first-draft book that's only a little over halfway done, but they're resolving themselves quickly, and it's a good story. I'm going to rock it.
Tags: chimes at midnight, toby daye, word count
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