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Dual ARC giveaway.

In addition to the much-vaunted (and very pretty) Ashes of Honor ARCs, I currently have ARCs for two, yes two different Subterranean Press books. One, A Fantasy Medley 2, contains the first-ever Tybalt-centric novella, "Rat-Catcher," which explains how he first came to be a King of Cats, the origins of his name, and why, when pressed, he sometimes introduces himself to humans as "Rand Stratford." The other, When Will You Rise?, is a collection of two Mira Grant short pieces that have not previously been published in physical form. Both will be coming out this fall, as gorgeous, limited edition volumes.

Understandably, these are even more limited than normal ARCs. But they're worth the read (and the finished books...hoo, nelly). So what's a girl to do?

Give some stuff away, naturally. Specifically, one copy of each Subterranean Press ARC.

This particular giveaway is open to US residents or to non-US residents who feel like paying postage. I'm very sorry about the restriction, there, but I'm in the middle of convention season, and I don't have the spare dollars right now. To enter...

1. Comment with which book you'd like to win, and why.
2. Give your best plea to the Random Number Generator.
3. If you're a non-US resident, indicate both this and your willingness to pay postage.

I will use the RNG to choose three potential winners for each book, and then choose the plea I like best. Yes, that makes it a little arbitrary, but only a little. Winners will be selected on Wednesday, August 8th, at noon PST. The usual twenty-four hour window will then apply.

Game on!

ETA: Guys, don't tell me why you want to win/why you should win; tell the RNG why you, above all others, are the predestined owner of the book. I want you to bribe the random number generator like a corrupt politician. Have fun! Don't just tell me "because I want it." If you didn't, you wouldn't be here!
Tags: giving stuff away, mira grant, short fiction, toby daye
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