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Words: 4,164.
Total words: 47,288.
Reason for stopping: chapter eleven is finished, it's time for bed.
The cats: Alice, floor; Lilly, bed; Thomas, cat tree.
Music: random shuffle.

I am done with chapter eleven! I am all triumphant and stuff! Largely because now that I have most of the linear pieces in one place, I'm needing to move them around and introduce them to one another, and seriously, sometimes I am tempted to kill half my cast, just because I miss the simplicity of the early books. (I won't do that. I wouldn't do that. For me, the joy of these books is the interaction of the people. But that doesn't make it not frustrating to have to introduce eighteen people to each other every time someone new appears.)

I'll be working on Chimes at Midnight for the rest of the week, and I expect to pass the halfway mark before I go to bed on Sunday night. At that point, I can reassess the rest of my workload and determine whether this book gets another week right now, or whether I can switch over to Half-Off Ragnarok for a little while. And SymboGen is on the horizon...

A writer's work is never done. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Tags: chimes at midnight, toby daye, word count
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