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Ten things make a post-con list.

10. Tired. So very, very, very, profoundly, mind-warpingly tired. I didn't sleep on the plane today, for a variety of reasons, and have thus effectively been awake for seventeen hours.

9. But I'm still up because I have to work tomorrow, and that means not allowing myself to become stuck on East Coast time.

8. I had a lovely time! I got to spend time with old friends and new ones, and unexpectedly with John Joseph Adams, who sat and read slush in the hotel lobby, like the diligent editor that he sometimes pretends to be.

7. Hugo voting closes tonight. I am trying to distract myself from thinking about this by shopping for the jewelry to wear with my Hugo dress. This is working. Sort of.

6. I'm too tired to write, so I've been processing Machete Squad edits instead. If I'm too tired to understand the sentence as it was originally written, it probably needs work.

5. The cats are ecstatic, and clingy. Like briars that purr.

4. I think I just found my Hugo necklace, and it is judging you.

3. I'm about to get off the internet and go watch TV until it's safe to go to bed, because oh, Great Pumpkin, the tired. It burns.

2. But I thought you might like to know I was alive.

1. Zombies are love.
Tags: post-con, state of the blonde, travel, utterly exhausted
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