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Announcing A FANTASY MEDLEY 2 from Subterranean Press!

For the last several months, a story titled "Rat-Catcher" has appeared on my inchworm girl lists, always under the "publication date unknown" header. Rumors have flown. Well. Rumors have sort of limped around and then napped under the table, because we're all pretty tired, so it's hard to get too excited over things that I keep promising to discuss later.

Later is here.

I am flat-out ecstatic to announce that "Rat-Catcher" will be appearing in A Fantasy Medley 2, to be published by Subterranean Press on November 30th, 2012. It's one of four stories in the book, joining original pieces by Tanya Huff, Amanda Downum, and Jasper Kent. A Fantasy Medley 2 will be available both as a signed hardcover, and as a trade edition. Both editions are extremely limited. Seriously. Order early.

Learn more about A Fantasy Medley 2, and place your orders here!

"Rat-Catcher" is the first story set in Toby's world but not featuring Toby at all. Instead, it focuses on Tybalt before he was Tybalt, back when he was Rand, a Prince of Cats living in the city of London. Meet his family, see him take the first steps toward becoming the man we know and love today, and see how the world looks through someone else's eyes!

I am so excited. Like, seriously, seriously excited. The cover is gorgeous, the authors involved in the project are top-notch, and I can't wait for you to read this story.

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