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Mermaids and lost girls: June's publications.

I am really, really happy about the fact that "Lost" has just been reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine. "Lost" was originally published in Ravens in the Library, and it was, through accident of timing, my very first physical publication (I had one story printed first, "Let's Pretend," but that was and has remained web-only). It's a story about pirates, and children, and running away, and what it costs to have everything you wanted, and how much of that cost is paid by the people you leave behind. I love it a lot. And you can read it again now, if you missed it the first time.

"Lost" at Lightspeed Magazine.

Lightspeed also did an author spotlight on me, to talk about the story:

Seanan McGuire author spotlight at Lightspeed Magazine.

Finally, for right now, I've published another poem, "Wounds," in the June issue of Apex. It's about wizards, and mermaids, and the price of magic, and how much we hurt each other.

"Wounds" at Apex Magazine.

And that's June!
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