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"San Diego 2014" now available for pre-order!

Hello, boys and ghouls. It's your friendly internet horror hostess with the most...machetes...coming at you with another update in the zombie roller coaster ride that is my work as Mira Grant. Specifically, I want to let you all know that "San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats," is now available for pre-order.

Click here for all the exciting details!

This stand-alone novella follows the events of the last San Diego International Comic Convention after the Rising, and is framed, narratively, by Mahir Gowda's interview of the only known survivor of the event, Lorelei J. Tutt (USCG, Retired). We already know how it ends; we already know how it began. What matters is what happened in the middle.

"San Diego 2014" is being released via the Orbit Short Fiction program, and will be available in just about all ebook formats on July 11th, 2012. The retail cost is $2.99. While Orbit is working on getting the program up and running in other regions, it is currently US-only. I'm sorry about that, and you should contact Orbit if you have any questions.

Tags: mira grant, release dates, short fiction, too much tv, zombies
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