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October never ends.

It is with the utmost delight and no small amount of profound relief that I announce that the next three October Daye adventures have been acquired by DAW Books. That takes us all the way to ten, a benchmark I dreamt of but never thought I'd really reach.

The next three books are:

The Winter Long
A Red-Rose Chain
Once Broken Faith

(For the curious, the titles this time are from "A Winter's Tale," "Venus and Adonis," and "King Henry VI, Part iii.")

I am...I am over the moon. This gets us through some really major story beats that I've been patiently setting up since book one, and moves us very solidly into what I think of as "act two" of the whole series (act one concluded with One Salt Sea). There are two more books to come before I start on this new set, Ashes of Honor and Chimes at Midnight, and having the security of knowing the story will go on is just incredible.

Thank you, DAW, for having faith in me.

And thank you all, for reading.
Tags: a red-rose chain, cheese and cake, good things, once broken faith, publishing news, the winter long, toby daye
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