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There's room for everyone on the Wall.

And now, the moment I have been quietly waiting for...

Ahem. From today's announcement at Publishers Weekly:

"Film rights: Mira Grant's trilogy, Feed, Deadline, and Blackout, optioned to Rachel Olschan, producer at Electric Entertainment, by Pouya Shahbazian of FinePrint, on behlf of Diana Fox at Fox Literary."

WE OPTIONED THE FILM RIGHTS TO FEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this doesn't mean this will necessarily be a movie (although I hope there will), but it takes us a huge, huge step closer to that becoming a reality. Everyone I've dealt with has been amazing, supportive, and enthusiastic, and now there's a beautiful chance that maybe, we can see Shaun and Georgia Mason on the big screen.

How's that for a book-day present?

ETA: Belated comment amnesty, because you guys are awesomely enthusiastic, and wow will I never get to all these comments!
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