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That's the night that the lights went out...

Submitted for by my publisher for your approval...


Yesterday, io9 published an excerpt of Blackout, the final book in the Newsflesh trilogy. Today, an intrepid Newsie hacked into the CDC computer system and liberated another file. For this one, though, you'll have to do a little digging...

Below is a puzzle whose answer reveals one of the five codes you'll need to access the second, top-secret document.

Rumor has it that you should be hanging around these other blogs to gather the other four:

Once you've gathered all five codes, you can access the encrypted document at the Orbit Books site. WARNING: Massive spoilers for Feed and Deadline ahead!

Blackout will be available May 22nd.


I'll be talking more about that release date in a bit, but for now, you can totally trust it: May 22nd is accurate and good.

But wait! There's more! Comment on THIS POST for the opportunity to win one of two copies of Blackout. These will not be signed, as they will be sent by Orbit directly. This contest is open to US, Canada, and UK residents. I'll select the winners next Wednesday night, following my usual random number generator party rules.

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