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Current projects, April 2012.

It's time for the April 2012 current projects post, coming to you live from the wilds of Maine! This is the post in which I tell you what I'm working on, and you finally understand why I don't have time for tea. To quote myself, being too harried to say something new: "These posts are labeled with the month and year, in case somebody eventually gets the crazy urge to timeline my work cycles (it'll probably be me). Behold the proof that I don't actually sleep; I just whimper and keep writing."

Please note that all books currently in print are off the list, as are those that have been turned in but not yet printed (Blackout, Ashes of Honor). The cut-tag is here to stay, because no matter what I do, it seems like this list just keeps on getting longer. But that's okay, because at least it means I'm never actively bored. I have horror movies and terrible things from the swamp to keep me company.

Not everything on this list has been sold. I will not discuss the sale status of anything which has not been publicly announced. Please don't ask.


Forced Evolutions, book one. Science fiction/medical thriller, near-future setting, first-person protagonist. Sally "Sal" Mitchell is having a lousy day. Month. Year. Life. The first book in the new Mira Grant duology. Status: 95,000 words in, 50,000 words to go, give or take a chapter.

The Chimes at Midnight.
Toby Daye, book seven. Urban fantasy/fairy tale noir, modern setting, first-person protagonist. I can't say much about this book yet, but the file is set up, and I've started on chapter one.

Half-Off Ragnarok.
InCryptid, book three. Paranormal romance/urban fantasy, modern setting, first-person protagonist. The first of two Alex Healy stories. Again, I can't say much, but I have a file.

Echo, book one. YA science fiction about parallel universes. Sort of Fringe meets The OC. With mathematicians and science, because I'm still me. Status: in outlines, getting ready to write the sample chapters.

Sit, Stay, I Hate You.
Coyote Girls, book two. Young adult horror/paranormal romance, modern setting, first-person protagonist. Having survived the events of Lycanthropy and Other Personal Issues, Clady would really like it if her life would settle down and get, y'know, easy for a little while. Clady is not going to be terribly happy with me, either. Status: about halfway through chapter one, stalled while I work on other things.

The Nativity of Chance.
High modern fantasy ranging across the country, through the wonderful lands of Oz, and through a lot of explosions. Pythagorean philosophy meets the works of L. Frank Baum, alchemy meets modern technology, and a pair of cuckoos meet their destiny. Status: researching.

Pretty Poison Apples.
The sequel to Nativity of Chance, and that seasonal monarchs book I've been threatening to write forever. Stop looking at me like that. Status: researching.

How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea.
The 2013 Newsflesh-universe novella. Details to come; animal husbandry in Australia is involved.

"Stingers and Strangers."
The fourth Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown story, in which things are decided, debts are paid, and trouble is started.

There are lots of other books floating around here—some finished and slated to be worked on further, others pending getting started—but these are the ones you're likely to hear the most about, at least currently. I'll update this list from time to time, as things move from "project" to "print" and new things take their places on the workshop floor.
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