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From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: V.

V is for VERITY.

Born into a different family, Verity Alice Price would have been one of those little girls who lived for ballet and jazz dance, dedicating all her free time to learning how to make her knees bend just so, how to share her emotions through the sweep of an arm and the tilt of her head. She would have made a place for herself in the world of dance, maybe in ballroom, maybe on the Broadway stage, and while she might not have changed the rules, she would have been remembered for her grace, her poise, and her contributions to the rich traditions of the art form.

She would probably have been bored out of her mind by the time she was twenty-five.

Born into the Price family, Verity was one of those little girls who lived for ballet and jazz dance...and mixed martial arts, base jumping, free running, knife throwing, taxidermy, and trying to trick her baby sister into falling down a pit trap (in her defense, her baby sister probably dug that pit). She was still a gifted dancer, but she was far more gifted in the arenas of "throwing herself off rooftops," "negotiating cease-fires between groups of hostile cryptids," and "shooting idiots in the head." She may enjoy that last one a little bit more than she ought to, really.

All things considered, Verity was probably born where she needed to be...difficulty getting blood stains out of her competition tango costumes notwithstanding. One thing's for sure: she's never bored.
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