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From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: L.

L is for LOVE.

Sometimes love is the only thing that motivates a person to do things they really ought to know better than doing, like, oh. Making a bargain with an unknown and potentially demonic force to keep someone's flesh from sloughing entirely off their bodies. As an example. Or following their suddenly missing husbands through holes hewn in the very fabric of reality while eight months pregnant, trying to get them back. As a slightly worse example.

Still. Love can be a good thing. It was love of the mice that allowed Enid Healy to listen to her husband when he told her what he had found. It was love of his daughter that caused Jonathan Healy to follow Alice into the woods on the night when she went looking for whatever it was that had been killing local children. And it was love that caused Angela Baker to adopt three children, one of whom she knew might well grow up to be a murderer. Love makes the world go 'round.

Love is the thing that can hurt you the most. Beware of love.

There's nothing darker in these hills.
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