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From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: H.

H is for HEALY.

Originally from Great Britain, the Healys served the Covenant of St. George for over five hundred years without question or complaint. Some members of the family still do; Alexander and Enid did not, after all, represent the entire family line. In their time, the Healys were great monster hunters, and their name struck fear into cryptid hearts all across the Continent.

In Buckley, Michigan, the name "Healy" means the brief legacy of librarians who ran the local library with gentle hands and friendly smiles. Alexander Healy, the first man to encourage female library aides to apply. Jonathan Healy, stiffer and a little more awkward than his father, but friendly and brilliant. Alice Healy, who came home after the death of her grandfather and ran the children's library for years.

On the ghostroads, the name "Healy" means a smiling blonde woman with six-shooters at her hips and an Arizona drawl, showing a newly-died ghost girl how to make the best of what she had become. Frances Healy knew how to make an impression.

In certain drinking halls and secret libraries, the name "Healy" still means a Welshwoman with ink-stained fingers and clever eyes, asking questions no one had thought to ask before. Enid Healy expanded the family's understanding of the cryptid world by centuries.

The Healy legacy lives on in their descendants, the Price family, and in a certain strain of angry monster hunters, still working for the Covenant, furious about what their family has become. Blood is thicker than water, after all.
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