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From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: E.

E is for ENID.

Enid Healy was a loyal member of the Covenant of St. George. She fought the things they told her to fight, she thought the things they told her to think, and when the time came, she married the man they told her to marry. But Enid had a secret. She was harboring a colony of cryptid mice, passed down to her from her grandmother, and viewed their protection as more important than the Covenant's edicts. When the time came, she revealed them to her husband, and together, they decided that their association with the Covenant was no longer in their best interests. They left for America...leaving their eldest son, who was loyal to the Covenant, behind. Not everything in life can go the way we plan.

Enid spent the rest of her life in Buckley Township, Michigan. She raised her younger son, Jonathan, and taught him everything she could to keep him alive. She saw the mice through several generations. She stood proud at her son's marriage to Frances Brown, late of Arizona, and she assisted in the birthing of both her grandchildren. She wept like any grandmother would when they buried her grandson, the first member of the Healy family to be lain to rest in Michigan's soil.

He wouldn't be the last.

While she lived, Enid was the best shot in Buckley. She tended her garden, tended her family, and saw her granddaughter grow into a woman. She died with regrets, because she was only human, but she died glad of the life she'd lived, and secure in the knowledge that she'd done the best she could. The mice remember her as the Patient Priestess, and like all Healy women, Enid rests easy in the immortality of the mice.
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