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From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: B.

B is for BOGEYMEN.

Bogeymen like dark places, like attics and basements and the back of your closet. Bogeymen are closely related to humans, but they branched off right around the time that Homo erectus was figuring out how to use rocks as weapons, and they've never looked back. Bogeymen have a great fondness for secrets. If there's something going on, odds are good that your local bogeyman knows about it, and would be happy to share what he knows...for a price. No bogeyman ever worked cheap, or failed to look for the most profitable angle.

"Bogeyman" is gender-neutral. Female bogeymen are just as dangerous as male bogeymen, and just as likely to be hiding underneath your bed.

Sleep well.
Tags: discount armageddon, incryptid

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