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From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: A.

A is for ALICE.

Alice Enid Price-Healy is the daughter of Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown, also known as the Flower of Arizona and the star of the Campbell Family Circus. Alice was born in Buckley Township, Michigan, and grew up in the house her grandparents bought when they first came to America. She went to college in Ann Arbor and got her degree in Library Science before returning to Buckley and marrying Thomas Price, late of the Covenant of St. George. Together, they had two children, Kevin and Jane, who went on to have five children of their own.

Alice shot her first swamp hag when she was twelve years old. She hasn't stopped shooting since.

Alice always knew she wouldn't have a normal life. It was never something she aspired to. But she'd hoped for something more than what she got, the complications, the confusion, the endless barriers between her and the man she loved...and finally, the loss of the family she had longed for because she knew she had to save him. It's been more than thirty years since the night that Thomas disappeared, sucked into a tear in the walls between the worlds. She's still out there, trying to find him, trying to bring him home. Her kids and grandkids think she's crazy, and maybe they're right, but Alice doesn't care.

Alice is down the rabbit hole, and she's not coming back until she finds her husband.
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