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We're going straight to the Wild Wild West...

Today marks the publication of Westward Weird, a new DAW anthology of, yes, Weird Wild West stories. Here's the book's official landing page on the Penguin* site. The table of contents:

1. "The Temptation of Eustace Prudence McAllen" by Jay Lake
2. "The Last Master of Aeronautical Winters" by Larry D. Sweazy
3. "Lowstone" by Anton Strout
4. "The Flower of Arizona" by Seanan McGuire
5. "The Ghost in the Doctor" by Brenda Cooper
6. "Surveyor of Mars" by Christopher McKitterick
7. "Coyote, Spider, Bat" by Steven Saus
8. "Maybe Another Time" by Dean Wesley Smith
9. "Renn and the Little Men" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
10. "Shadowdown at High Moon" by Jennifer Brozek
11. "The Clockwork Cowboy" by J. Steven York
12. "Black Train" by Jeff Mariotte
13. "Lone Wolf" by Jody Lynn Nye

Let's take a moment to focus on story #4, "The Flower of Arizona," shall we?

Discount Armageddon is the story of Verity Price, latest in a long line of cryptozoologists and monster hunters. Her father, Kevin Price, was the son of Alice Price-Healy and Thomas Price (late of the Covenant of St. George). And Alice was the daughter of Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown (late of the Campbell Family Circus, darling of the Arizona rodeo circuit).

"The Flower of Arizona" is the story of how Jonathan and Frances first met, a long time before their daughter met and fell in love with a man from the Covenant, and an even longer time before their great-granddaughter went and got a book of her very own. This is literally the chronologically earliest Price family story I have ever written. See Jonathan when he had a sense of humor! Learn how much Verity takes after her ancestors! Listen to the mice hail things inappropriately!

In all seriousness, this is a great introduction to the InCryptid universe...and, as a bonus, I'm going to be putting up another story featuring Jonathan and Fran for free download later this month. "One Hell of a Ride" takes place immediately after "The Flower of Arizona," and will make more sense if you've read them both. Plus, it's a fabulous anthology, so you get lots of bang for your buck.

Mama rode the rodeo; they say she was the best...

(*DAW is distributed by Penguin, although they are a distinct publishing entity. Supply chains are weird.)
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