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Because people have asked: Where To Buy My New Book.

Okay, I want to lead off here by saying thank you. Thank you for caring about where book sales will be best for me, thank you for wanting to buy my books, and thank you for asking. I am so excited about Discount Armageddon, and I really want it to do well. I also want to note that I am making this post because I was asked, not because I'm trying to tell you "buy it like I want you to or it's butts to you, sir." Honestly, as long as you buy the book, I'm happy.

That said, here are the best ways to get a copy of Discount Armageddon while also helping my week one sales:

1. Do not buy the book until March 6th. If you see a copy on a shelf somewhere early, don't pick it up. Wait until the actual release date, because that's when sales will start to count against my first week. Anything before then will count toward my overall sales, but will vanish into the ether when it comes to calculating best seller lists. I know, it's weird.

2. Buy brick and mortar. If you possibly can, walk into a bookstore and take a copy off the shelf. Not sure your local store is going to carry it? Now would be the time to contact them and remind them that you'll be wanting to buy, since this way, they have time to place an order (they won't if you come in the day before release). There are a lot of reasons for this, but the two big ones are a) if they sell, they re-order, and that's good for me, and b) most brick and mortar stores report to the NYT list. And I'd love to get onto the list again.

3. If you need to order on the internet, consider Borderlands Books (physical only). Borderlands is my local store; they take international orders, as well as orders within the United States; I will be dropping by on release day to sign books for them, so you can not only get a copy of your very own, you can get it signed. That doubles the awesome factor, and makes up for needing to wait for the postal mail to reach you, right? Plus, well. My book events are big and chaotic, so I like driving business their way. Again, sooner is better than later, as they're going to be hosting my book release party, and need to know how many copies to get.

4. All eBooks are created equal. Sadly, right now, electronic and internet sales don't count against the NYT list, which is why this comes in so far down that list. That said, a sale is a sale, and my royalty rate is the same for all electronic editions, everywhere. So buy from whatever retailer best suits you, in whatever format best suits you.

5. Buy the book. This is the most important thing. My sales, especially in the first week, will tell my publisher what kind of a market they're looking at for the adventures of Verity and company. So please, if you can, buy the book. I want to stay in this world for a long, long time to come.

Thank you.
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