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Can't tell a verb from a noun, they're the nicest kids in town.

Who wants an ARC of Discount Armageddon? No, really: who really wants it?

For this giveaway, we're going to mix and match effort with laziness. Comment on this entry with why you—yes, you—should receive an ARC of the first InCryptid adventure. Be creative. Be insane. Whatever makes you happy. On Friday, at noon PST, I will use our friend the Random Number Generator to select a winner. I will then read through the entries and select my favorite as a second winner. Yes, it's totally arbitrary. But it's also stated right up front, so I don't feel bad.

This contest is open to all North American residents without any restrictions, and to non-North American residents who either a) have a North American mailing address or b) are willing to pay me postage. I do apologize for that, it's just that I can't afford to ship a lot of stuff overseas right now. And now...

Game on!
Tags: discount armageddon, giving stuff away, incryptid
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