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Words: 19,428.
Total words: 44,635.
Reason for stopping: through chapter eleven, it is a WORLD of bedtime.
Music: mostly folk and Glee soundtracks.
The cats: all three unknown, which is worrisome.

So, I, uh, forgot my word counts for a little while, which is why today looks like a SUPER PRODUCTIVE OMG day, when it's really just a majorly productive day. My apologies for the chicanery. I shall try to not let it happen again. But regardless, I am now almost halfway through with the book, which is amazing and awesome, and I am so very excited. Especially since I'm working on eight other things at the same time. How Seanan Got Her Groove Back, yo.

The mouse exaltation of the day is worthless without context: "HAIL ISTAS!" Sadly, you cannot have context. Context, you cannot have. But soon! Soon, all these people will begin making sense to you, and you can rejoice with me (and the mice)!

Alice has just appeared, and is demanding I go to bed and pet the cat until the cat is done being petted, which should be next week. Oh, and I did manage to buy myself the free space to write the next Jonathan and Frances Healy adventure, "Hell of a Ride." It's going to be a free download on my website, between the release of Westward Weird (January) and Discount Armageddon (March). Whee!

Cheese! And! Cake!
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