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The shirts are here! The shirts are here!

I got the call today from the shirt shop: my "Wicked Girls" shirts are finally finished, and I can pick them up today. (Well, technically, Ryan and Mia can pick them up on their way down the coast from Portland. Details are for wimps.) Since the Traveling Circus and Snake-Handling Show is at my house this weekend, and I'm in Michigan for Conclave next weekend, the mass mailing will not be commencing for at least ten days.

Which brings us to this post.

I realize that some people bought shirts as birthday presents, as holiday presents, or for other time-sensitive reasons. I'd really like to be able to get shirts out to those people as quickly as possible, despite the horror that is mailing out of order. So here's how this is going to work.

If you have an active need to receive your shirt sooner, rather than later, please reply to this post with the name on your order, and the reason that you need to get your shirt(s) at the front of the line. I can prioritize no more than fifty shirts in this manner, so: if I receive more than fifty requests for priority mailing, nobody gets it. Fifty requests is "I can do this," fifty-one is "oh, hell no." So please consider carefully before responding. At the same time, if you have a really legitimate reason to need early shipping, please let me know.

(PS: "I have an eight year old and she really really wants this before Halloween" is a legitimate reason, and one that has been emailed to me already. So just make sure I know what your circumstances are, and hopefully, you can be accommodated.)

In addition, please let me know, again including the name on your order, if you're going to be at Conclave or OVFF. I will be able to do hand-delivery at both conventions.

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