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Word count -- ASHES OF HONOR.

Words: 17,558.
Total words: 71,958.
Reason for stopping: chapter seventeen is done, and I need to pack for Seattle.
Music: mostly Great Big Sea and random country.
The cats: Alice, sneering at the contents of her food dish; others, unknown.

So, um. That happened.

We've hit the all-important middle section of the book, where I throw things at the wall just as fast as I possibly can, and then go back to sculpt and scrub them until they resemble something that's actually shaped like the story I want to tell. It's a lot of "three steps forward, two steps back," but every step takes me a little closer to my eventual victory over the troublesome patches in the text. It's awesome.

Also, now that I'm over 70,000 words, I can actually start booking one night a week to work on Midnight Blue-Light Special, the sequel to Discount Armageddon, and a book I've been hugely looking forward to writing. So there's that. I love Toby, and I love InCryptid, and a good mix of them turns out to be an excellent way of keeping myself sane.

It's harder to write these posts than it used to be, because so many people are wonderfully, miraculously invested in this series, and I don't want to give more spoilers than I absolutely have to. But I'm super-happy with how Ashes of Honor is coming together, and I think you will be, too.

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