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Current CD stock levels.

Two orders of business!

First, CD Baby has confirmed receipt of the Red Roses and Dead Things restock. Perfect for Halloween or any other time of year, this is my mad science and horror album. It's not out of print, but it's getting harder to find. Order now if you want to be sure of getting a copy in the next few months.

Secondly, I've re-stacked the CD shelf, which meant sorting and doing inventory on all albums. After putting everything back where it belongs, this is what I have left:

252 copies of Red Roses and Dead Things.
197 copies of Wicked Girls.
12 copies of Pretty Little Dead Girl.

Please be aware that in each case, the remaining stock represents the entire print run of the album. All three can still be acquired from filk dealers, but I'm looking at selling out of Pretty Little Dead Girl in 2011, and probably selling out of Wicked Girls in the same time period.

Wicked Girls will be reprinted when it sells out, but I don't know how long that will take. Ditto Red Roses and Dead Things. Pretty Little Dead Girl was a convention album, and will NOT be reprinted.

This has been your CD updated for today.
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