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Because people have been asking:

CD Baby is out of Red Roses and Dead Things, my mad science/horror theme album. I am mailing the restock for them today. If their normal cycle applies in this case (sometimes they're faster, sometimes they're slower), the CDs should be available on the website in about eight days. They're only asking for sixteen copies right now, so if you've been waiting for this album to be available again, you should probably watch the website.

Because people have also been asking:

There are now fewer than two hundred copies of Red Roses and Dead Things remaining. I will probably do a second printing of this one, because it's managed to sell out so fast, but that will have to wait until I have the money to do it (something which could take a while). If you wanted to get a copy, "sooner" is probably a better idea than "later."


Stars Fall Home is currently out of print. There are not currently any plans to reprint the album any time in the immediate future. It is not available as a download. I do not know of any filk dealers with stock at this time.

Pretty Little Dead Girl: Seanan McGuire and Friends Live at OVFF 2005 is about three hundred copies away from going out of print. This is the only currently available album with the songs "Sycamore Tree" and "Pretty Little Dead Girl."

Wicked Girls is about two hundred copies from selling out its first printing. This one will definitely be reprinted, but I have no way of saying exactly when, or how many copies will be in the second run.

Most filk dealers have copies of my currently in-print albums; CD Baby has, or will have, copies available via their website.

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