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One long ache while I wait and wait, or ONE SALT SEA to drown in.

Review time, because I need to reclaim my browser from the deadly tab proliferation! Seriously, it's interfering with my attempt to check the Monster High fan sites for news. These tabs need to go. And so...

The Discriminating Fangirl has posted a review of One Salt Sea, and says, "I'm a huge fan of Seanan McGuire's October Daye series, and I think it's hands-down the best urban fantasy series out right now. It's funny and clever and exciting, and the characters are so rich and understandable, even the ones you're not supposed to sympathize with. One Salt Sea, the fifth book in the series, is even better than its four predecessors, something that's pretty rare in series. Usually things start to go downhill around book five, but McGuire keeps knocking them out of the park."


Travels Through Iest has also reviewed One Salt Sea, and says, "With One Salt Sea, Toby has climbed to the top of the heap and is seriously challenging Jim Butcher's wise cracking wizard Harry Dresden for the title of best Urban Fantasy protagonist ever!"

Double wow.

Reflections on Reading Romance has posted a review of One Salt Sea, and says, "The book is a heart pounding adventure, as McGuire skillfully maintains the tension throughout the novel with non-stop action." Woo!

That's what I have for right now—I want to do a single-book roundup for once—but it's pretty high-quality, so I don't mind the lack of quantity. Remember, Borderlands Books in San Francisco is always ready to hook you up with signed copies, and most chain bookstores should have restocked by now.

Whee, that post release cleanup continues.
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