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The tide's coming in tomorrow. A few bits and pieces.

Tomorrow is the release of One Salt Sea. Tomorrow. It's being spotted in the wild; I couldn't take this book back if I wanted to. And to be quite honest, I don't want to. I'm excited as all hell to know that you're about to have the chance to read it. I hope you will. And because I am a blonde who is disturbingly fond of feeding her cats, I hope you'll buy it, too, and enjoy it as much as I enjoy knowing that it's out there.

I am currently working on Ashes of Honor, and am literally making this post to free up some tabs. So here, have some links:

Book Banter is doing a giveaway, in which you can win a copy of One Salt Sea. I love the gang at Book Banter. They are awesomesauce. So enter, and win!

Sara Anne, who I found through Twitter, has an excellent post on why official publication dates matter, and hence why authors get a little sniffly when people talk about finding their books early. I would really, truly love to make the NYT again with this book. I would love to make the print list even more, since that would mean I'd have something to frame. If I make the print list, I will do a giveaway the likes of which has never before been seen. Just saying.

And look! One Salt Sea is a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick! Hooray! I'm totally thrilled, because this is totally awesome. Hooray for good reviews!

See you tomorrow!
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