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Word count -- ASHES OF HONOR.

Words: 5,574.
Total words: 17,412.
Reason for stopping: I have finished chapter five, and now it is time for bed.
Music: totally random shuffle; lots of country music.
The cats: all feline locations are currently unknown, which probably ought to worry me a bit.

So I finally got the chance to return to Ashes of Honor, which is good, since that means everything is going according to schedule. And as expected, I opened the file, looked at the text, squinted a little, and promptly wrote an entirely new chapter one, following it up with a shiny new chapter five (which would have been chapter four, if chapter one hadn't become chapter two). My total inability to write the first chapter the first time I try continues unabated!

I am really, really happy to be back in Toby's head. She's a comforting place for me to be, messed-up and bizarre as she can sometimes be. I've known her for a long time, after all, and this is our sixth book together. That, too, is a little bit strange, and a whole lot wonderful. Six books! Back when this was a short story and I was an aspiring novelist, who would have guessed? It really is amazing.

Next week is the WorldCon in Reno, but for right now, it's me and Toby and the gang, and we're going on a wonderful adventure, again, and I couldn't be any happier. Honest.
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