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Super-sized review roundup.

Would you like fries with that?

After the day I've had, I lack the focus to do anything more involved than a review roundup. And so, with no further ado, I present...the review roundup. Again, it's cut-tagged because it's huge; I'm trying to winnow the list enough to get back to my customary sets of five.


1. We open this batch with Charlaine Harris's sweet review of Feed. Charlaine says, "It's no surprise that Feed has been nominated for a Hugo Award." Ahem: swoon.

2. Silly Little Mischief has posted a review of An Artificial Night, and has some sweet things to say, although nothing quotable...this time.

3. Deety at Urban Fantasy has posted a review of Late Eclipses, and says, "Those who are already fans of October Daye will love this one, because it has everything we’ve come to expect. There’s badassery against all odds, sharp humor, tricky fae politics, and unpredictable magic. Also, there’s Tybalt." Tybalt makes everything better.

4. Sigrid Ellis has posted her review of Feed, and she says, "Feed is a book about hope. About trust and faith. It presents a world in which faith is perverted and trust is betrayed and good intention has caused global calamity, and that is no kind of reason to stop trusting or to lose faith." But...I mean...this is one of the most beautiful reviews of my work that I have ever read. Read it. Seriously. I cried.

5. Strange Horizons has posted a lengthy review of Feed.

6. Nashville Bookworm has posted a review of Feed, and says, "Feed is fascinating, compelling and while it runs for close to 600 pages, the novel never feels long or drawn out." Cool!

7. Shroud Magazine has posted a review of Feed, and says, "The end of the world bores me. What I'm interested in is the question of what happens to those who, by some miracle or blind idiot luck, manage to survive it. Mira Grant's Feed seems to be proof that she can read my mind, gifting us with a story that starts a full generation after the undead uprising, seen through the eyes of those who have never known a world where the dead didn't get right back up and start chewing on the living. In the course of doing so, she has written what is, in my humble opinion, the best zombie novel since the one by that Brooks fella." Awesome!

8. The Book Smugglers (love them!) have posted a review of Late Eclipses, and say, "Late Eclipses is another great entry in a consistently awesome series." Sweet, succinct, awesome.

9. Karissa's Reading Review has posted a review of Late Eclipses, and says, "This series just keeps getting better and better. The book moves along at a great clip, adds further depth to Toby's world and was a very engaging and wonderful read." Woo!

10. Rhymes With Truculent has posted a review of Late Eclipses, and says, "The Toby Daye series is like the best episodes of the new Doctor Who series: when Russell T Davies wasn't faffing about; or more recently, like Steven Moffat's weeping angels two-parter." Heeeeee. Also, she has some great read if/don't read if tips.

11. CC2K has posted a review of Late Eclipses, and says, "I liked Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series from its debut, Rosemary and Rue. But it wasn’t until the third book in the series, An Artificial Night, that it became a must-read for me. And now, with the fourth book in the series, Late Eclipses, McGuire has outdone herself again." Rockin'.

12. Lady Qkat has posted a batch of Toby reviews on the same post, and you should take a peek. Really.

13. Fantasy Faction has posted a review of Feed. It's a fabulous review, but pull quotes are hard. Just read it.

14. Here's something different: Book Banter has reviewed "Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box", which is a much shorter target than the norm. Alex says, "Grant’s short story is just the perfect dish to hold back the appetite of those fans anxiously awaiting the release of Deadline; readers will not be disappointed with 'Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box.'" Of course, Deadline is out now; I really am behind.

15. Finally for today, Amanda Pearl has posted a review of Feed, and says, "Overall Feed is a well researched, planned, and executed zombie novel that fully explains the science behind the epidemic while still creating a world where the reader feels true emotional investment with the characters. An instant classic for all fans of the genre."

That's all for right now; I'm making headway in this pile of unhandled links. Thanks for your patience.
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