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InCryptid. It's a big cast.

So as you know, I really, really love it when I can get artwork to go with my books, whether it be a fabulous cover or illustrations of the characters themselves. It's a silly thing, but it helps me focus. I can't get photographs of the people in my head, so I settle for the next best thing, and regularly bat my eyes pleadingly at artists of my acquaintance. I'm pretty good at it (the fact that I'm willing to pay fair commission rates helps), and so I wind up going back to the same artists again and again. One of my favorite artists is Bill Mudron, who did the cover graphics for my third CD, Red Roses and Dead Things. He's awesome!

Part of what makes Bill awesome is his uncanny ability to take a simple request ("Draw this person who doesn't exist for me, okay? Oh, and make it cool...") and turn it into something amazing. So when I started working with Bill this most recent time, I felt confident in asking for some pretty tricky imaginary people—specifically, Alice Price-Healy and her wayward husband, Thomas Price, and Sarah Zellaby and Arthur Harrington.

Alice is the grandmother of Verity Price, the protagonist of Discount Armageddon; Thomas is Verity's grandfather (naturally). Thomas has also been missing for oh, about thirty years now, thanks to a really poorly-considered energy exchange with one of the nastier local dimensional gateways. Alice refuses to admit that this could mean he's dead, and has been wandering through the various levels of reality looking for him ever since. She's maybe not the most stable cookie in the box.

Arthur Harrington—he usually goes by "Artie"—is Verity's cousin. His mother, Moira Harrington-Price, is the daughter of Alice and Thomas, and his father, Theodore Harrington, is surprisingly good at dealing with his wife's family. This is because Uncle Ted is the most mellow man on the planet (it's a survival trait). Sarah Zellaby is considered a cousin, since she was adopted by Verity's mother's adoptive parents (yes, these books will come with a family tree). She's not human, but no one really holds that against her.

Alice and Thomas! This definitely a "modern" shot of the pair, presumably after Alice has, you know, found him. And punched him a few dozen times for daring to go and get himself sucked into hell without leaving a note. Yes, those are Aeslin mice all over the place. And yes, Thomas is almost certainly more heavily armed than Alice is; he's just found of being subtle, and hopes to one day teach her the meaning of the word.

Sarah and Artie! Sarah's the one on the floor (naturally). They're both enormous geeks, although Sarah's more of a math and computers girl, since she has an instinctive attraction to numbers. The T-shirts utterly delight me in every possible way, what with Artie's "I'm a massive nerd, ask me how" Kate Beaton shirt, and Sarah's "yeah, I'm the team telepath" X-Men shirt. Also of note: Sarah's Space Invaders socks. SHE HAS SPACE INVADERS SOCKS. Oh my gawd. The laptop decals, also pretty sweet (dare you to identify them all). They both look fantastic. I am overjoyed.

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