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DEADLINE cover launch!


I've been sitting on this for months and months and months, and now, finally, I can show you something totally bitchin' that you really want to see. I mean, assuming you like things that are awesome, that is, and that you include FEED on that list.

Go ahead. Take a peek.

Behold the pretty:

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS OH MY GOD IT'S THE COVER TO DEADLINE AND IT'S MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME! I didn't think Lauren (the Orbit cover designer) could top her cover for FEED, and somehow, miraculously, she did.

You can read Lauren's thoughts on designing the cover at the Orbit blog, although you shouldn't click if you haven't read FEED yet, as there are unavoidable spoilers in the quoted back cover text.

I really think this cover sets a new standard for raw awesome. What do you think?
Tags: art, deadline, dino dance party, good things, mira grant, publishing news, zombies

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