December 11th, 2015


A treat for Toby fans is coming!

So hey, remember how at the end of Chimes at Midnight, Quentin was all "now you get to meet my parents," and Toby was all "OH FUCK NO," and then we got The Winter Long, but we never got to see the meeting?

We're going to get to see the meeting.

"Full of Briars" is a novelette set between Chimes at Midnight and The Winter Long, narrated by Quentin as he faces that most terrifying moment in a young squire's life: the meeting between his parents and his knight. With bonus "how Quentin sees Tybalt" and "how Quentin and Raj interact when Toby isn't around" (hint: they're glorious shits to one another).

"Full of Briars" will have a price point of $1.99 USD/$2.59 CD, and be released in August 2016, a month before the next October Daye book comes out. The cover art is being done by Tara O'Shea, who does the short story covers for my website. (Right now, it is only available in the US and Canada, because of regional rights issues. I have faith in all y'all's ability to get around that without resorting to illegal downloads. Since wow do I want DAW to let me do more of these.)



Hogswatch day four winner!

The random number generator has spoken, and the winner of a copy of Indexing is...


Instructions for the winner: Please comment on this post letting me know that you're claiming your prize and send me an email via my website ( with your mailing information. Both comment and email must be received by Sunday, December 13th to be considered valid.

Nine more days to go!

On the eleventh day of Hogswatch, your Seanan gave away...

...a second ARC of Chaos Choreography.

Welcome to the eleventh of the Thirteen Days of Hogswatch. I will be starting a new giveaway every day between now and December 13th. Each giveaway will have different rules, and a different deadline, although all prizes will be mailed on December 30th, because I am bad at going to the post office (and also, avoiding the post office until that other winter holiday is over).

The eleventh giveaway is for an ARC copy of Chaos Choreography, the fifth InCryptid adventure. This is going to be a random number drawing, because I am about to take a nap. So...

1. To enter, comment on this post.
2. If you are international, indicate both this and your willingness to pay postage.
3. Tell me which member of the family you want to know more about.
4. That's it.

I will choose the winner at 1PM PST on Friday, December 18th.

Game on!

ETA: This drawing is now CLOSED.