February 5th, 2015


Second hardship giveaway.

Thanks to the generosity of my readers, we are opening a second hardship giveaway.

What is a hardship giveaway? It's where I give away older books (not ARCs or just-released) to people who couldn't afford to buy them when they came out, and/or can't afford them now. It's an honor system: I believe that you will honor my intent, and only enter if you have a genuine need. Because T-shirt mailing is ongoing, this particular giveaway is only open to people with US addresses. I am so sorry about that, I really am, but a) I can't afford international postage (which is sort of contradictory to the whole "hardship" angle), and b) my postal workers will kill me if I add more international shipping right now.

To enter...

1) Comment on this post, indicating that you have a US address.
2) Tell me what book you are hoping to win. Anything I've written.
2a) Hell, feel free to list anthologies.
3) If you have a second choice, list that.

I cannot guarantee that I have any specific book "in stock," as it were, but I can sure look. (I can tell you for sure that I don't have Rosemary and Rue, Feed, or A Fantasy Medley 2 right now, although I do have When Will You Rise and Cat Valente's essay collection, for which I wrote the intro.)

I will choose ten winners on Monday, February 9th. They will have twenty-four hours to contact me to claim their prizes. This will be tightly enforced, as I leave for New York on the 12th. Please do not enter if you won a prize in the previous hardship giveaway, as we want to spread the love as far as possible.

Shoot for the moon!