December 3rd, 2013


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"There are no banks to rob in this painted doll of a dustbowl fantasy town; the money is all bits and bytes stored in a computer vault no human hands can open, whether they belong to banker or bandit. But there are other forms of thievery to be practiced by the quick and the clever, and Cherry is both, when she sees call to be..."

—from "Frontier ABCs: The Life and Times of Charity Smith, Schoolteacher."

I am delighted to announce that Raygun Chronicles is available now from a bookstore near you (although here is a handy sales link, if you need one). Featuring my story, "Frontier ABCs," this is a collection of stories in the high-pulp space opera tradition, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it.

It's especially exciting, and sobering, to be in an anthology with A.C. Crispin, who has been a hero of mine since I was a child, and who passed away before this book could be completed. I probably won't ever be in an anthology with her again. This is an honor. I just wish it were a sweeter one.

Check out Raygun Chronicles for the space fan in your life, whether it be you, or someone that you love, and shoot for the stars.

Just mind the stars don't shoot back.