November 19th, 2013


New InCryptid short, just for you! "We Both Go Down Together."

Thanks to the efforts of my covers-and-conversion squad (Tara and Will), I have a new InCryptid short available on my website.

So it turns out all that sex at White Otter Lake had some effect after all: Fran is eight months pregnant and Johnny is about to head for Gentling, Maine to help the locals with an undefined problem. Fran never met an undefined problem she didn't want to throw knives at, and Johnny finds himself crossing the continent with a pregnant wife, a colony of talking mice, and a massive ancestral guilt trip—because the residents of Gentling aren't human, and the Covenant of St. George was not kind to them. Mermaids and mysteries abound as this latest adventure gets underway.

You can download "We Both Go Down Together," and earlier free stories, here:

Please download and read locally, for the sake of my server.

This post will serve as the discussion post, if anyone wants to talk about the story once they're done. Thanks again to everyone for reading.