October 29th, 2013


Home, gearing up for book tour, exhausted.

I will post happy cheery reminders about today being the release of Parasite very soon, but I just woke up after staggering home way too late last night (delayed flights in Orange County, whee), and wanted to drop a few admin notes before I forgot:

1. If you want to send me a private message, please, please use my website contact form rather than using LJ or Facebook messenger services. I have trouble replying within those forms, which often translates to "I won't reply within those forms." (I don't have a no-reply policy for LJ, but I do for Facebook.) My website contact form goes to my PA, who answers really simple questions like "where can I buy this?" and forwards everything else along to me. I answer as quickly as I can.

2. This LJ has an open friend/unfriend policy. Yes, it makes me sad when people I know IRL unfriend me, because I am a human being living in a human world, but I won't hunt you down with torches and pitchforks to demand to know why. At the same time, if you remove me from your friend list, I will remove you. Please don't unfriend me and then get mad when I do the same to you.

3. And while I'm asking for unreasonable things, please wait until I get the official Parasite discussion post up to start commenting about the book. I want to keep the various threads safe for the spoiler-averse for as long as possible.

And now I nap.