August 27th, 2013


The world is a carousel of color: where will Seanan be at Worldcon?

It's almost time for LoneStarCon 3, the 2013 World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio, Texas! This will also be my fifth Worldcon in a row, which is a feat I haven't accomplished since I was a teenager, working the convention, and traveling largely on the kindness of the adults who mentored and took care of me. It''s a little weird, honestly. So much has changed, and so much has stayed the same. I'm still a fangirl in my heart, even if I'm not behind a reg desk or stationed in prog ops anymore. I just scurry around more these days.

But enough introspection! Where can I be found?


6:00pm: Seanan McGuire and Dead Sexy, Live in Concert! It's the latest iteration of my ever-shifting backup band. Except familiar songs, fun surprises, and some exciting musical times. Ballroom A.


10:00am: Kaffeeklatsch: James Gunn, Seanan McGuire, Lezli Robyn. Come have coffee and chat about whatever. Space is limited, signups are required. Riverview (Riverwalk).

4:00pm: Autographing: Tanya Huff, Steve Jackson, Seanan McGuire, Kim Stanley Robinson. I get to sign with Tanya! I am happy. Autographing area (Convention Center).

6:00pm: SF Squeecast Live Recording. It's gonna be fun. It always is. 003B.


12:00pm: Writing about Music and Art. I'm on a panel! Conference 12.

4:00pm: Reading: Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire. Which of me will read? NO ONE KNOWS. Also I'm up against the Mark Does Stuff panel, so you should totally skip me and go see him be awesome. 007CD.


12:00pm: Mad Science. From my heart and from my hands, why does no one understand my intentions? 008B.

2:00pm: When will Zombies Die? Charlaine and I are on the same panel. Bets on how long before one of us starts telling knock-knock jokes? I'mma sit between her and Bear and be totally safe from the apocalypse. 007CD.

4:00pm: Urban Fantasy: Fairies around Every Corner. I am going to be running out of this panel like my ass is on fire the second it ends, because I need to get ready for the Hugo Awards, but oh won't we have fun until then? 006A.


Flying back to California.

Hope to see you in Texas!

One's for sorrow, two's for joy, three's a girl, four's a boy: INDEXING episode #8 is now live!

It's here! It's here! The eighth episode of Indexing is now live!

With one team member lost and another now missing, it seems like time is running out. Either the ATI Management Bureau team will thwart the narrative before sunrise...or it will devour them. And right now, devouring seems pretty damn likely. Episode eight, "Empty Nest," is ready for you to enjoy.

This post serves as both your reminder and discussion thread.

Once upon a time...
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