August 22nd, 2013


Where do I find out what's coming? A quick guide.

I get asked, a lot, about what I have coming out. Where can it be found, where is the schedule, has something been published, has something been sold. Which is incredibly flattering, honestly—what author doesn't want to have people beating down her door to find out where they can get more stories?—but can also lead to that thing where I have answered the same question ten times and now it's just upsetting and I'm starting to doubt my own answers. So here is your quick and dirty guide to finding out what I have coming up:

Stop #1: The Bibliography.

The bibliography on my website is located here:

It lists every book, short story, and essay I have published, all curated into the appropriate sections. Note that, for the most part, this only includes things that are already available; upcoming releases are unlikely to be listed, unless they are novels being released within the next three months. The bibliography is updated every time something is released, so it's always up-to-date. Indexing is not currently listed, because there is no "serials" category; I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with that.

Stop #2: Inchworm Girl.

The best place to find out about upcoming publications is here:

This is the tag where I post my rolling "upcoming" list, and includes release dates whenever possible. Some things, especially novels, may appear on this list for some time before they move to the bibliography.

Stop #3: The Lost Children.

"But wait," you cry, "what about...? I saw it on the Current Projects list!"

Sadly, the answer is "if it is not on either the bibliography page or listed in the inchworm girl with a release date, it does not have a release date." That could mean it's out on submission. That could mean it's currently benched while I deal with other things. Or it could mean that it has been sold but not yet announced, which puts me effectively on radio silence. And here's the real problem:

I can't tell you which it is.

If you ask about something that's not in one of those two places, I will not discuss its status with you. I will say "yes, I wrote that," and move on. Pressuring me for details will just frustrate us both, because you won't get what you want and I'll feel like my boundaries aren't being respected. I actively want to publish everything, because let's face it, that's how I pay the bills, but this is a very long game.

I hope this helps; I'd like everyone to be able to find everything. There's a lot of everything to find.