August 12th, 2013


New InCryptid short, to make a better Monday! "Loch and Key."

Thanks to the efforts of my covers-and-conversion squad (Tara and Will), I have a new InCryptid short available on my website.

It's been two years since "The First Fall," and the Healy family is putting itself back together one day at a time. Alexander and Enid are getting ready for their annual trip to White Otter Lake, and it seems like a good opportunity for the family to do some bonding away from the house. Also, they figure Fran would like to meet the denizens of the lake, and it's a certainty that they'd like to meet her. Poachers and plesiosaurs abound as this latest adventure gets underway.

You can download "Loch and Key," and earlier free stories, here:

Please download and read locally, for the sake of my server.

You can learn more about the residents of White Otter Lake in the Field Guide, which exists for just this reason.

This post will serve as the discussion post, if anyone wants to talk about the story once they're done. Thanks again to everyone for reading. This is the third story prioritized on my word count list by the recent tip jar, with one more to go!