July 25th, 2013


Step right up and try your luck: CARNIEPUNK is available now!

Carniepunk, a new, carnival-themed anthology of urban fantasy awesome, is available now from a bookstore near you! (If there is not a bookstore near you, I recommend Borderlands Books, which does mail order and has hairless cats.) Featuring stories from me, Rachel Caine, Jennifer Estep, Allison Pang, and many more, this is an exploration of the carnival by a bunch of people who have actually been to the carnival at least once in their lives.

Yes. I know. That's a lousy sale line. But not everyone knows how to put together a Ferris wheel, okay? And people did their research, and on the whole, the stories are solid, fun reads, and the book is beautifully designed. My story, "Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea," requires no knowledge of my pre-existing universes, and gives you a sneak peek at one of the mermaid species to be found in the InCryptid setting (we'll be seeing more of them in an upcoming Fran and Johnny story, "We Both Go Down Together").

Here are some review bits:

"'Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea" by Seanan McGuire is a haunting story about, you guessed it, mermaids. It’s about growing up, family secrets, and relationships between mothers and daughters. It has an ending that, while not what I’d exactly call happy, hits you hard and lingers for a very long time." —Dear Author.

"...this story is about a mermaid growing up in the carnival. And in fitting with my theory above, the writing is strong. Very strong. Not even the depressing nature of the full circle concept of her journey could bring me to pull away from it." —Wicked Little Pixie.

I really, really loved several of the stories in this anthology, and none of them made me want to throw the book across the room. I file it under "anthology I would recommend even if I wasn't in it," which is my benchmark for a really good collection. So step right up. I haven't jawed you false. Put your money down, take your ticket, and find out what's behind the painted curtain.

I promise that it's worth your while.