June 11th, 2013

rose marshall

New InCryptid short, just for you! "The First Fall."

Thanks to the efforts of my covers-and-conversion squad (Tara and Will), I have a new InCryptid short available on my website.

This one was...difficult to write. Those of you who know the family history may have noticed that the child born between "Married in Green" and "Sweet Poison Wine," Daniel Healy, was never mentioned by any of the modern members of the Price family. That's because he only lived three years. Losing him set the stage for a lot of what went wrong from there. That didn't make it a pleasant tale to tell. So consider this your trigger warning: the story opens with his funeral.

You can download "The First Fall," and earlier free stories, here:


Please download and read locally, for the sake of my server.

This post will also serve as the discussion post, if anyone wants to talk about the story once they're done. Thanks again to everyone for reading. This is the second story prioritized on my word count list by the recent tip jar, with two more to go!