May 2nd, 2013


And where the hell have you been, blondie?

I am a bad, bad blonde blogger, and shall have no blogger blondie brownies, which breaks my heart, because blogger blondie brownies are the best brownies, better than butterscotch or banana brittle, and as I have now fucked around with alliteration for like, way longer than anyone really should, I will stop. Ahem. Anyway:

There's been an unplanned radio silence here, and for that, I apologize. The world sort of reared up and slapped me across the face with a wave of busy, and I've paddling frantically as I try to keep my head above water, my word counts marching in the right direction, and my cats from eating me. I'm trying to get things back to normal, but it's going to take a little while (and will probably happen just before I leave for Disney World on the 17th, thus making the entire enterprise pointless).

I did want to mention something, though, while we have the natural conversational opening of "I've been overwhelmed." And here it is, in bold text and everything, so that you can't miss it:

Unless you are my agent, my editor, a member of my proofing pool, or my significant other, your email/inquiry is not prioritized above anyone else's.

Please don't email me three times asking whether I got your email. If you sent it less than a month ago, the fact that you haven't heard back doesn't mean the message is missing; it means I have 300 emails to answer, and you're halfway down the heap. (If you did email more than a month ago, yeah, go ahead and email me. Once.) Please don't send me Tumblr asks or private messages going "hey why haven't you linked to..." or "you haven't replied to my comment on..." I'm getting to everything just as fast as I can, but triage is hard, and only certain things get an automatic float to the top.

If you're inquiring about a missing shirt, or something similar, use the merch address, which Deborah monitors for the sake of responding faster than I can. If you're asking about something time sensitive, feel free to say so in your email, but also understand that I may look at your question, go "that's not time sensitive to me," and resume emailing my editors/agent/machete squad about things that have firm, unbreakable deadlines.

I will continue to try to be as accessible as I can, but this is a super-busy time for me, and I'm exhausted and out of cope. Thank you for understanding.