April 11th, 2013


Counting and cleaning and mailing, oh my.

Yesterday, the very last of the Wicked Girls T-shirts (a reprint, since the original shirt had been damaged in the printing process) went into the mail. One shirt has been returned to me because the address was wrong (we're trying to contact that person now), and some international shirts may still be in the process of getting where they're going, but apart from that, we're finally finished. (As an addendum, if you have not received a shirt, and you should have received a shirt, please mail the merch address as soon as possible. Right now, we have some overruns and extras, so there's a chance we can make things right. This isn't going to be the case forever, and processing refunds is tedious. And yes, we're going honor system with this, because how the hell am I supposed to prove that you don't have something? I can't afford that many plane tickets.)

As of today, I'm still packaging and shipping Wicked Girls posters. All the signed/numbered posters have been spoken for, although some "normal" posters are still available. I'm going to have to rethink my shipping costs after this batch; at this point, mailing a poster overseas is more than $10 USD. It sucks, because I've been trying to keep costs as low as I can, but there's only so much that I can afford to do. (Everyone who has a poster pending will get it for the originally stated shipping cost.)

Yesterday, I mailed a restock of Red Roses and Dead Things to CD Baby—they should have the disks available for purchase by the beginning of next week—and counted the remaining stock in my home. As of right now, there are 64 copies of this album remaining in back stock, and I am not planning to reprint for at least a year. That means that when these are gone, the album goes to officially out of print, and there won't be any more for quite some time, if ever. This is partially a cost issue and partially a storage issue, and both are connected to the same exciting development:

I'm reprinting Stars Fall Home.

I'm reprinting Stars Fall Home with a new cover and a bonus track ("Continental Divide") and the whole thing has been remastered and oh my sweet Great Pumpkin you guys, it sounds amazing. Like, the remastered "Sycamore Tree" is just heartbreaking, it's so good. The current target for me having albums in-hand is the start of May, and since I'm going to need someplace to put them, it's Red Roses and Dead Things' turn to take a little break.

I'm going to have copies of Stars Fall Home again.

I'm so happy.